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(^ q^ JL)_ i love how I died many times in this game because I can’t run so fast against the bun soldiers  I hope I can draw wadanohara characters soon T v T))

I just started playing this game. I really like it, it’s so cute.
Wow so gwiyeoun.
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I kind of like this coupling, but to me it really doesn’t seem like there was that much development between the two. And now they Kaneki is all white haired supā mōdō, I don’t think there will be many more chances.I like the art style, colors and stuff.
The background on my phone that I always go back to is a straight on photo of black marble. I like the look of marble, it’s organic in a way. I think rocks are generally honest, not much to hide.

by Ianception

I’ve always thought the idea of apartments is really cool. Living together in close-ish proximity. Lives are separate, so many things happen but in such a tiny area. Interesting. I don’t know if the idea of apartments really lives up to the reality, I’d imagine that there’s a lot of downsides to it as well.


Perfect red line in a Hungarian forest marking the high point of a toxic aluminum sludge spill

this is so surreal omg

You know that feeling when you think you’ve reblogged a photo before but you’re not sure? That’s the feeling I am feeling right now. This is a really cool photo, wow. I really like how the line continues so far off into the distance, must’ve been some chemical spill. I wonder what kind of chemical it was, and if different effects could happen if it was a different chemical.

AAAAAAH// my precious angel ;; And finally 5th gen pokemon have mega evolution! I’m so happy!!

I’m really really like the design, at least one of my top 5 Pokémon designs. Looks so cute and fun.
I saw a thing for vans mountain edition shoes, with fleece interiors. I really want a pair, for the cold trips snowboarding. Really cool, I hope I could wash them on account of my sweaty feet tho
Thought I was feverish last night, turns out I was just really tired and radiating heat from my sunburns.

This micro-trend is a must-try

I had a friend in 8th grade who thought it was cool to have vampire teeth, he wore them for weeks and weeks, brushing them and keeping them clean and everything. This story doesn’t really have a concrete end, he just stopped wearing them for one reason or another.

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This is really impressive. I’d want to try, but I am really attached to living. I’d want to know the story behind this.
ahhh I haven’t done anything productive todaythis is the worst