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by brianfulda

Yesterday night was nice. I think slowly but surely I’m becoming more mature.
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I should wear different shoes. I’ve worn the same pair for the past few weeks. Need more variety.
Medabots were so cool. I always wanted to buy more of those figurines when I was a kid, but I think it wasn’t too popular so the toys were discontinued.I like the designs of them.
Haven’t been in a Tumblr mood for awhile now. It comes and goes.
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Norse Projects Patchwork 5 panel cap

I’m so sleepy.Wanna drink 玄米茶, sleep
今日も一日がんばるぞい!What is so popular about this phrase?
bed time bed time
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💫✨New T-shirts S00N!✨💫

G0nna have t0 get s0mething t0 wear at the lean c0ncert, but I d0n’t want t0 l00k like I’m wearing the lean unif0rm.

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bae look
Some people like the smell of gasoline. I am not one of them.I had a best friend in elementary school, Greg. Or Gregory. He liked the smell of diesel, said it smelled like sea salt and vinegar chips.
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Today was a real good day. I feel happy and really grateful to be surrounded by nice people. It’s been the best 9th of the month I’ve had in several months.
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Here’s a picture taken when cleaning windows. Interesting, I think

Hyouri is tired

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I want to work on my garden. No time.


have you ever just looked at someone and thought, my fucking god i adore you. i adore every goddamn ounce. i adore your bones and your soul. but I’m a loser, who just doesn’t wanna lose you. i can lose fucking everything, but not you. oh god. not you.

you know who you are

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お持ち帰りおもちかえりomochikaeriTake-out. That’s a new word, cool.