I thought I was going to get some studying done today, looks like I’m hanging out with someone who is going to Greece tomorrow. ザァーン念。

"This is not a safe place." in hobo code. I think this is interesting and I decided to tattoo it because it is very relevant to how i feel with things that are going on in the world currently. It’s kind of a symbol of my anger and an awareness of misogynistic violence and how it affects everyone

good luck making friends with any hoboes
minimalism is nice. I really like not having clutter. 
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Took a panorama with my phone. The house I went to had an amazing view. Please expand the image.
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lol | gmyo [pixiv] 

Damn son. She gives off a sort of coffee witch vibe.
I feel like I want to post a photo I took, but I don’t really want to get like a billion notes on it. #popularproblems#joudandayo#illgetlike3
The thirst is real. The thirst is real.
This looks like one of those QUALITY hills in anime that are pretty much straight up.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

I really loved this movie. I think it’s in my top 5 films. I mentioned it to my Uncle George and he thought it was a porn. Classic George.

離さないで (hanasanaide)  =  Don’t let go.

I like this, but I don’t like the kanji 離.What was Japan or China even thinking? It’s one of the worst kanji I’ve ever seen, it’s in my bottom 5 in terms of aesthetic appeal. That メ shape in the middle that’s only in like two characters, and that hanging ム that’s really awkward to draw. At least it’s dressed up a little bit with 隹 on the right, that’s a high class radical. Anyways, that’s my complaints on 離. The picture is pretty rad, otherwise I wouldn’t reblog it.
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Just picked these from a secret, thorny oasis of berries.
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having wings coming out at your hips would be interesting. I think for a girl especially it would make more sense, as usually more body mass is there so it might be easier to balance or take off.what do I know though, im not a monster girl wing placement expert. cool suit, very modest and classy.

Plugged my camera to my tv #1

very cool effect, I especially like the timer.
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