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Ahhhh my leg is asleepSomeone help This is beautiful BTW
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Kido Hachirô

Really like the way 本 and the top radical in 勇 is written. I’ll have to try that out sometime.
I used to reblog a lot of really dark and strange stuff.I wonder why my blog is lighter now.

Nat Sherman Classic Blue 

Really beautiful. Too bad I’d have to smoke in order to use something like it.And it would have to be cleaned near constantly, which kind of defeats the purpose of an ashtray.
For some reason these edgy recently used emoji posts are really funny to me. Probably because google emoji look like pudding and are all funny and cute. I may try and redo this if I get bored enough.
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Norse Projects merino wool sweater

Ooh, I really like this. I can’t wait until I can wear long sleeve stuff, instead of my 4 t shirts.
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This is pretty cool, it reminds me of seashells or speakers. I remember seeing this one thing online, marketed as a sort of niche market speaker. It was just a really low quality headphone speaker, and then a patterned paper that you could fold to make a megaphone pattern.


I need to work on not insulting myself so much when I’m distressed. So easy to get into a habit of being mean to yourself.

i hate the beach, 35mm

I want to try something like this. Just need to buy an actual DSLR first things first. I really like this a lot.
I can now say that I’ve tried every flavor of Arizona in my area.
Green Tea with Apple is my favorite.

Kaneoya Sachiko

I got a new alarm clock. It’s cool, it’s supposed to mimic the sun.

It doesn’t sound like the sun, it sounds like beeping.
Talked about Ri’s art earlier. I still think that a drawing of a giant octopus pulling a girl to her death would be cool.

Fan Bing Bing Photographed by Chen Man

Best known for her color-saturated portraits and quirky humor, Chen Man is one of China’s most sought-after fashion photographers. (via Luxury Insider)

Shaving is such a hassle. Especially because of my scar, so I’ll never be able to even have a decent mustache.I wish there was a better way to shave my neck at least, too many grains.

african gangsters and their hyenas and baboons

The world is a really big place. Seeing stuff like this really reminds me of how diverse this planet is.
It would be so cool if we had more letters in English. So cool.I want at least 11 more vowels, and 3 more consonants.